Family guy dating game

family guy dating game

Duration: 3:34. It seems today that all you see ♪ ♪ Is violence in movies and s*x on TV ♪ ♪ But where are those good old-fashioned values ♪ ♪ On. Posted: 17-Jul-2017.

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Thread: Rate & Review: Family Guy - The Dating Game

I liked that Mort/Adam West/Carl/Seamus are sort of another group of friends that get up to wacky BS like Peter and the guys do. Quagmire being out of touch with technology is always one of those weirder aspects of the series. Like, it makes sense since he's supposed to be significantly older than the rest of the cast but that's not something they directly mention a lot so it probably seems a tad more nonsensical. Quagmire become a Gollum-esque shut-in was a predictable route for the plot to take but the scene where they discover the condition he's allowed himself to get in landed pretty damn well with each joke and of course we got a pretty decent musical number about the downsides of Tinder. Stewie's plot was kinda cute in a weird way. Seeing him basking in the additional attention from his class has a certain aspect of truth to it. Know plenty of people, myself included, who benefited from the sympathy angle due to one injury or another in school even though the first thought most kids would have is "Everyone's gonna laugh". Even the later half of the plot where Stewie's neck couldn't support his head, as gross as FG can be with these kinds of things, managed to be more amusing visually than anything else. Ending was a bit lame but also accurate in the sense that if you're stuck with something long enough for the novelty to wear off, children will revert right back to being assholes about it. The resolution of the Quagmire plot was a little bit iffy for me. Obviously they gotta get him back to being his regular scumbag self again but the blatant lying about a traumatic event for the purposes of pity sex is just horrific, y'know? I guess this is why episodes about Quagmire walk a very fine line with his sex crazed antics because ultimately when you actually linger on his whole process it becomes a lot more disturbing than when it's just a passing gag. Seth said it himself back when The Cleveland Show became a thing, you couldn't do a Quagmire show no matter how much people might think they want it, nobody really wants to watch a sitcom about a rapist.

Good gags:
Stewie and Lois singing in the car
Carl responding when Peter yelled out "ARCHERS!"
Porsche Cayenne cutaway
Cell phone Jesus
Queen Elizabeth's hair
"The way he's crouching, there's a testy peeking out"
"I don't have any friends! Only sex people from the phone!"
Peter's "Oh for God's sake" when the couch cushion got stuck to his ass
"You're gonna have a baby in your butt, man".
Beach cutaway
Jennifer's Body
Quagmire's shoulder angel/devil
The guys using the hooker as a goalie

Bad gags:
Joe's sister
The auction scene
That lamp store thing
Quagmire's Tinder hook-up montage (That shit just got progressively more gross)

After a string of meh to total dogshit episodes, this was a pretty big improvement. 4/5

family guy dating game

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