What is so special about Kolkata Biriyani?

What is so special about Kolkata Biriyani?

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It all began around 150 years ago when the last Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah was exiled to Kolkata. He settled down in a place named Metiabruz along with his ‘Bawarchis’ (chefs). Meat could not be added to the Biriyani due to the shortage of fund. Hence, his cooks toned down the spices and added potatoes to the dish. This brought down the costs and also added on to the volume. Kolkata Biriyani is considered to be a sub-variant of the Lucknowi-style /Awadhi Biriyani. There are plenty of pure Punjabi restaurants in Kolkata where you can taste it. Zomato is the best way to trace out the best restaurants in Kolkata.  

How is it different?

Kolkata Biriyani is quite light, low on essence and color and mildly spiced. Rice is steamed with cooked mutton, boiled egg, spices and fried potatoes in a Handi(Huge pot).

The Portuguese brought potatoes to India and was regarded to be a novelty, as it was imported. This was expensive, though not as much as meat.

The Legacy Continues

Manzilat Fatima a.k.a Manzie, the great-great granddaughter of the Nawab converted her love and passion for cooking into a job. She takes orders for corporate events, small birthday parties and even house parties, provided the headcount does not exceed 25. She does everything on her own from the scratch. Manzie’s recipes for Biriyani, Rezala, and Kebabs have both Awadhi and Bengali culinary elements in them. Her recipes help us to understand how recipes have evolved over time with the change in cultures and traditions.

How does she make the story different?

Manzie uses mustard oil to prepare the items. In order to remove the pungent smell, she completely burns the oil till it turns dusty-gray in color. She does this to kill the aroma of mustard that can override the fragrance of the biriyani.

The lady mostly uses mustard oil and adds ghee only when she lays down the rice and the korma. The two integral ingredients, Attar and Kewra are added by her.

The Awadhi kitchen got heavily influenced by the food habits of Bengalis. The cooks of Nawab included fish in the diet and also produced soft cheese that was named after the Portuguese colony Bandel.

What is Pind Punjabi Dhaba all about?

Pind Punjabi Dhaba organizes a wide number of food festivals around the year. We did the Parantha and Lassi festival in the month of December that received a huge response from Kolkatans. Zomato is the best way to trace out the best restaurants in Kolkata.  It went on for a week where the top bloggers of Zomato assembled and they wrote about us at length. Few of the links have been given below:


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We would like to thank all the bloggers for your views and eagerly look forward to your next visits.  If your mind is seeking for great Dhaba Style food’, do pay a visit to us. If you are tired of having Punjabi dishes cooked in a conventional manner then a visit to this place is a must. We ditch the usual pattern and use only authentic spices to prepare the dishes. Our expert panel of chefs will surely leave you yearning for more. No matter what you are looking for, from Masaledar Parantha to Meethi Lassi you get it all out here. This one is placed right opposite Reliance Fresh in Bangur Avenue. Park your car and drop in to taste outstanding Punjabi cuisines at a pocket-friendly rate.


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