Top 7 Punjab Food Items That You Must Try Before Die

Top 7 Punjab Food Items That You Must Try Before Die

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Your gastronomic bucket list is incomplete without Punjabi dishes. Some traditional Punjab food items are so popular that they have become synonymous to dhaba foods as most people think that they are only served in dhabas. But, you will find these Punjabi dishes not only while visiting Punjab, Chandigarh or Delhi, but also some of the popular eateries and Punjabi dhabas in different regions all over the country.


  1. Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti


This Punjabi delicacy guarantees a meal of a lifetime. You will find the abundance of mustard leaves rightly combined with cornmeal rotis. You must try this dish in an authentic Punjabi dhaba restaurant so that you can enjoy its true originality.


  1. Dal Makhani


Following the authentic method, this delicious Punjabi preparation takes quite a long time. It is a kind of the crème de la crème of dals and full of proteins. Do try this dal in some dhabas in Punjab as well as other famous dhabas throughout the country.


  1. Butter Chicken


Almost synonymous to authentic Punjabi dish, it is served in almost every Indian restaurant. Somehow, you may get several variations of this dish. But none of them can compete with the taste of an authentic Punjabi dhaba and restaurant serve. The moment you take a bite of tender chicken piece deepen in a creamy gravy you can feel the bursting of flavours.


  1. Tandoori Chicken


This special chicken dish is grilled slowly and steadily so that you can get every mouthful full of divine taste. Succulent pieces of chicken are marinated in different spices. This dish is popular not only in India but also throughout the world.


  1. Aloo Parantha


This authentic Punjabi dish does not need any introduction. Only make sure that you eat it with pure ghee or butter so that you can fully savour this dish.


  1. Palak Paneer


Paneer is called the ‘chicken of the vegetarians’ and when paneer is deepened in the spinach, the delicacy of heaven comes to your mouth. This authentic Punjabi dish is prepared in every Punjabi household. Although it is mostly eaten during the winter, you can also consume any time of the year in any Punjabi dhaba or restaurant.


  1. Lassi


This typical Punjabi coolant is consumed all across the country. But you can get the best taste of this thick, creamy and frothy lassi when it is served in the clay pot. Lassi is something that the Punjabi people often take pride in it.


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