How to Monetize Your Food Blog?

How to Monetize Your Food Blog?

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Can you earn a living with a food blog?

Yes, obviously.

There are millions of food bloggers who earn a decent amount of money by sharing their culinary experiences.

No, it is not a cakewalk and you will be greeted with failures in the beginning. Invest some time in building up the recipes and experimenting with them.  Scour the net for food blogging gurus, all of them started off in a humble manner but with time they made it big.


What all do you need to keep in mind before starting?


You do not need to invest much initially, around Rs 1500- Rs 2000 would do. The essentials include:


  • Web Hosting Service can also be gained from



  • Designing Tools- PicMonkey or Canva can be used for preparing the creatives


  • Social Media Presence: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the platforms where you should be present. Share the pictures of your recently cooked items or links to the most popular dishes. Connect the platforms with your blog


  • An Autoresponder Service- You need this service to automatically trigger emails to your subscriber. It can be used to welcome new customers, make them aware of a new product or service you have launched or even for sending them birthday or anniversary wishes. Use AWeber Communications, iContact, GetResponse or Benchmark Email.


Steps to monetize your blog:


  • PPC Ads- Most bloggers consider this to be the first step for monetizing their blogs. Adsense and Chitika are the most popular mediums. Even if your blog is new you can get Adsense approval for your blog but the revenue will not be much till you accomplish 3000-4000 page views per month.


  • Prepare an e-cookbook and sell: E-cookbooks are quite popular and most of them are priced between Rs 150 to Rs 1500. Develop the product with care, easy to cook recipes with great pictures will definitely boost up your sales.


  • Affiliate Marketing: This basically involves promoting someone else’s product or service on your blog. Related ads will do great; may it be the ad of an online grocery store or non-stick utensils that can be used for cooking or a brand which specializes in modular kitchen setups.


  • Accept Guest Bloggers: Once your blog becomes popular, bloggers will start approaching you with their articles. You can start off with Guest Blogging service.  Allow others to publish articles on your blog by depositing a fee.  This will increase your revenue.


  • Cooking Lessons on YouTube: Visuals have a greater impact on our minds. Place a camera on the tripod and start recording the cooking process. Prepare a YouTube channel and link it to your blog.  This will make your blog much more interesting and you will start earning from YouTube once it crosses 10k views.


Remember patience and research work are pivotal for the success of your food blog. You just cannot expect to start earning from Day 1, nurture your blog and over time you will start reaping the benefits of your hard work. Quality content is important and you need to maintain that in order to make your blog a great one.


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