Diet Plan to Make Your Monsoons Better

Diet Plan to Make Your Monsoons Better

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Rainy months are associated with a host of problems like indigestion, food poisoning and other stomach infections. Though monsoon endows you with a sense of relief it also brings with its share of miseries. Health problems like cold and flu, viral fever etc are on a rise during this season. You need to change the lifestyle a bit.

Germs and bacteria thrive in the unhygienic conditions of monsoon. As there is a considerable amount of humidity in the atmosphere the digestive system gets sluggish. Right kind of food and healthy habits prevent you from falling ill.

Avoid outside food as much as possible. Though Pani Puri, bhel puri, sandwiches and pakoras might be appealing, they contain bacteria that can lead to indigestion. Carry water or go for mineral water to prevent water-borne diseases like dysentery and cholera. Street goals, kulfis and juices should be strictly avoided in this season.

Consume green veggies as they have a lot of nutrients to keep you fit and energized. Make it a point to wash the vegetables with warm water or salt to remove the dirt on them. Green Salads can do wonders to your body, wash it thoroughly and clean them while making salads.

Shower right after getting drenched, this will protect you from infections. Do not enter an air-conditioned room with damp hair as that can lead to cold or viral fever.

Seasonal fruits like pomegranates, plums, litchis, pears and veggies like carrot, radish etc should be included in your diet. Karela and bitter herbs like Neem and Haldi contain antioxidants and healing properties that check infections. Make good use of your cheat days in between the strict diet plans. Gorge on the North Indian dishes once in a while. Taste Punjabi food items and pick one from the extensive Punjabi dishes menu from Punjabi restaurants near you. Do not restrict yourself this monsoon, enjoy this romantic season responsibly.

Just stick to fresh fishes and prawns during the monsoons as this is their breeding season and you might end up with a stomach upset. Avoid raw or semi-cooked fish. Do not buy stale fish.

Drink plenty of water as it helps to flush out the toxins and keeps your system clean. You can put three to four drops of chloride in a liter of water as that will destroy the disease causing micro-organisms.

Go for herbal drinks like jasmine, chamomile or green tea. This keeps you healthy and helps to strengthen your immune system. Avoid caffeine in this season as it drains out the fluids in your body.

This is the ideal season for the growth of pests. Keep your house pest-free and call the plumber to see if there is any leakage or clogging. Rusted pipes help in the growth of bacteria and cause diseases like dengue and malaria.

Exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. Try Pilates or yoga or go for free-hand exercises at home as it becomes difficult to opt for outdoor activities in the rain.


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